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How We Met

September 6, 2017

Our story began on a precious corner of the internet, where I stumbled across a dating profile with just a Corgi puppy as its photo. I was immediately intrigued and had to message this mystery Corgi. Turns out, the guy behind the account was even better than a Corgi. We met up at The Atlas, a local bar, and spent the night talking about our mutual love for tongue-in-cheek humor like The Office and Parks & Recreation. We found out we had the exact same favorite episode for both shows (Diversity Day and Hunting Trip, obviously). and a whole lot more in common. In the following months, we went apple picking, pumpkin carving, and all things Fall. We couldn’t think of a better time of year to tie the knot!


They came in first place at The Office and Parks & Recreation bar trivia. They didn’t miss a single question!


They play Dungeons & Dragons together once a week. She’s a Dragon Sorceress and he’s gone through more characters than we can count.


While they haven’t traveled abroad together (yet!), Megan has visited Belize, Brazil, & Europe, and Christopher has visited China, Hong Kong, & Rwanda!


On their 3rd date, Christopher took Megan on a 4-hour canoe ride. She stopped paddling halfway through, but kissed him at the end of the night!